Thursday, July 23, 2015

L.A. for Some

Ellen and Vivian took off for L.A. about 10:00, Gregg went to work and I spent the day on various pressing (finances, etc.),  mundane (washing and straightening up), and enjoyable (buying clothes) activities.  Got a pair of what used to be called Bermudas at Kohl's, then two tops elsewhere; picked up check registers at BOA; and visited Wal-Mart for a few things.  I was amazed and bemused, as always, to see that they sell booze--just strikes me as weird.  However, I overcame the feeling successfully and bought a six-pack of Shock Top, which is beginning to rival Blue Moon in the "favorite beer" category for me.
Saw the storefront headquarters of "The Flying H Theatre Group" and want to attend one of their shows before too long.  I may-or may not--introduce myself (as in the biz)--mebbe yes, mebbe no.
Called El and discovered they were either at a water park or Griffith Observatory; glad they're having a good time.  I washed, dried, and folded Viv's clothes, as well as her bed clothes.  El and I were both pleased to hear that niece Carolyn and her family are available on Monday; we'll all get together then. Gregg is working today, otherwise I would have asked if he'd like to invite his mother out for lunch with just the three of us.  When he got home--after 8:00 last night--we had a nice talk.
Called El again in the evening and she told me they had been caught in a horrible traffic jam and backup--took her two and a half hours to go forty miles.  Hope they'll have a better time today when they go to Knott's Berry Farm.
Random Musing:  One of the many things I like about California is its road system.  In and around Ventura, anyway, they're well marked, plus there are green-arrowed left hand turns AND you're allowed to make U-turns in many places.  I was, however, taken aback that motorists must always watch out for for pedestrians in crosswalks and stop for them.  In Jersey, we tend to just mow them down.

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iloveac said...

Living in San Francisco in the 60s I was so impressed how well the street signs were marked--they were large and visible half a block away. I assume it's still the same. Other states where I've lived do not compare.