Friday, July 24, 2015

The Travelers Return

Another busy and interesting day.  One thing on the computer was a little too interesting, but I'm not going to dwell on that.
Went to WilCo, a supermarket owned by its employees.  I really like it--very much so for that reason and also because their wares are fresh and good AND wonder of wonders, low in cost.  Bought some nice chicken thighs, lemon pepper, salad veggies, and baking potatoes.  I plan to make dinner today, as I knew Ellen wouldn't be home until late and I want to let her take it easy after a strenuous two days in L.A.
Took the Bermudas I had bought the other day back to Kohl's.  They were really nothing special and were over twenty bucks--why do I need them?  Answer: I don't.
Tried to find Walmart again and couldn't.  It's incredible that I had no problem when I was there before, but now they seem to have moved it.  However, I actually was able to get to "downtown" while avoiding the dreaded Freeway, but I didn't park; I'm not sure where the shops I want are located, so I'll go there another day.
Gregg got in a bit after 7:00 and went out right away for a bike ride.  He and I were chatting at the kitchen table when Ellen and Vivian blew in about 9:30.  They had had a wonderful time at the Griffith Observatory and Knott's Berry Farm, notwithstanding the horrific heat and L.A. traffic.  It's now 10 am and nobody's stirring yet but your humble correspondent.

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