Monday, July 27, 2015


Yesterday was low-key, aside from a dreadful ordeal I had to suffer:  pumping my own gas! All right, Ellen helped--stayed with me every minute--but it was still something I had tried to put out of my mind until my tank read "E."  Guess I'd better get used to it.
I stopped for a few items at various stores while El, Greg, and Vivian went off to Peet's Coffee to meet friends who have a six-year-old daughter interested in gymnastics. They went to a park where Viv demonstrated various flips, dives, and other moves.  I contentedly stayed home reading Hemingway's Chair.  
I'm not a big fiction fan--much prefer bio and history--but this is absorbing.  I'm enjoying the fact that the setting is a small town in England, but a visiting American character lives in Trenton, teaches at a college there (College of New Jersey?  Rider?) and mentions Quakerbridge Mall.
Housemates got home about 3:00, then Ellen and Gregg went for a long walk and back for coffee at Peet's. When they got home, they proposed that we eat at an Indian restaurant in Camarillo, owned by a friend of Gregg's.  We did--I had been there the last time I was here--and it was good once I emphasized little spice for me.
Today, Carolyn and Finn are coming and we'll take the kiddies roller-skating.  El invited them, plus the friends mentioned above for dinner.  Haven't heard back if they'll come.

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