Sunday, July 26, 2015

Various and Chicken

I set my alarm so I could get up in time to say goodbye to Ellen and Vivian, but wouldn't you know, I slept right through it.
Greg left for his morning ritual at Starbucks, then returned to get ready for work. He said Ellen had suggested I should call the car rental place to extend for a week.  Did so, and also called "Al Internet" and arranged for service on the 30th; at least, I'll have my tablet.
Zipped out to Walmart to get other socks and stuff.  I had picked up no-shows and wanted low-cut; Viv--or "Lucia," as she's sometimes known--wanted the former, so I left them for her.
Went to PetSmart and got a permanent lid for kitty food cans; I had thrown away the other one, thinking it was trash.  Home, I prepared lemon pepper chicken thighs for dinner, made a salad for same, sliced cucumbers and put them in vinegar as my mother used to do, then jumped in the shower. Put on my new shorts (long shorts, not the butt-revelation kind) and new top.  I was disappointed in the top, as it's really too long.  Should have gotten a different size.
Fed Sebastian at 5:00.  He gobbled the stuff enthusiastically, then prompted threw up.  Aagh! That's one of the myriad reasons I don't want an animal.  Had to clean it up with napkins, as we were out of paper towels.  Ellen has plenty in the garage, but I tried and tried and couldn't open the door from the patio, so couldn't get in there.
I had used the microwave timer to remind me when to put the chicken in the oven.  Suddenly, it made an odd noise and the microwave fan started by itself.  When I touched the microwave, it was hot!  What the HELL?  I kept pressing "cancel" and it didn't work.  In a panic, I called Ellen, who said they were just disembarking from the boat. She calmed me, told me what to do, and the crises passed. (Later, we realized that I had thought the microwave had a timer, which I set for thirty minutes.  However, it doesn't have a timer, so I must have set an actual cook time for that long--and I didn't have anything in it.)  Anyway, I put the chicken in a 400 degree oven for about 45, turned it once, and it did come out yummy as ever.  
The intrepid twosome got home fine and I served dinner, which they greatly enjoyed.  Mike called on "My Face," or whatever it is, and we all saw and talked to him.  Viv and I watched part of something called The Bee Movie--kinda cute--then we all turned in.  

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