Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Diane And Sex

Walked Kimball, had breakfast, then quickly dusted and mopped to prepare for my luncheon guest. It occurred to me how much better--for me, anyway--it is to have a modest-sized apartment, rather than a house. It's so easy to clean up, and so fast.
Picked Diane up at noon and we went back to my place. We had a good time together; she's interesting and different from most of the people I know. She's had more than one face lift and looks a lot younger than 75. She's going to move to Vegas, as her son--who is, incidentally, a stuntman--has a friend with an Airbub house. She has applied at Silvercrest and hopes to get in within a year or so, although there's a long waiting list. I think it's funny that she was open about why she divorced her husband--"not enough sex," she said,"I wanted it twice a day and he wasn't willing." Yoicks, most men would jump at that, methinks. (However, they had enough sex to have two sons, both of whom live in California.)
Diane stayed until after 3:00; I took her home, then drove directly to the museum and did my usual walk. When I got home, I cleaned up the rest of the kitchen. Betty called to tell me she had finally seen her doctor. She goes to mass every morning, then to breakfast with other regular churchgoers. She decided to have an English muffin, did, and got terrible pains in her stomach again. Doc saw her right away, she had a test, and it seems to be a cyst. She was told to follow a liquid diet--no solids at all--and will see him again in a few days.

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