Sunday, August 13, 2017

Nothing New

Kimball-walked first, as ever (I'm trying to avoid the "walked Kimball" mantra). After breakfast, the doorbell rang; it was Assistant Manager Jim to tell me I had again parked in my neighbor's space! I was so embarrassed--how could I have done this a second time? Anyway, I immediately moved the damn car, then took off for Wal-Mart.
I was looking for the sleep aids I've been taking for ten years. They had none of that kind. Talked to the pharmacist, who said the idea is, they can make you ga-ga, as they contain benedrill (I know that's not how to spell it), disguised under the name of diph-something . Well, I'm ga-ga enough, but usually, I sleep well. After discussion, he suggested I take allergy meds, which have the same ingredient. I bought some and we'll see how they work.
Lunched, then drove to town via Foothill Road. On my way, a car behind me kept flashing his lights. I pulled over and the guy said my left taillight was out--told me I could get a ticket for that. Nice of him and I went directly to Auto Zone. I bought a light and the manager put it in for me, so I could continue on my way. Parked at the library, walked the usual and back, read for a bit, and came home.
Nothing much else going on and I'm now going to turn my attention to preparing for my trip.


iloveac said...

Trip to where Rosemary?

Mimi said...

I'm going to Alison's in New Mexico on Friday. I'll be there for a week and will overlap with my grandson and his two boys for three days.

iloveac said...

Wonderful....needless to say...have a super good time.