Sunday, August 06, 2017

Goings On

Walked Kimball, broke my fast, then spent a good portion of the morning paying bills, transferring moolah, and straightening out some not-so-serious items. Went out and bought paper products of this and that. Used my handy Chop Wizard to chop up a cauliflower and had that and salad for lunch. Wrote back to dear Mr. K., my Tokyo Toddler, who sent me a letter. Hmm...he's not really a toddler now, but will be four years old next month.
Drove to town for the usual walk and spent about an hour in the library reading Planet of the Blind, by Stephen Kuusisto, a blind poet and director of student services at a school for the blind in NY. Boy, this is some book--I really felt a kinship with this guy. I was taken aback to see it's almost 20 years old. The author has a blog which invites comments and I sent him one.
I texted Nancy about possibly meeting me at the Wicked's Brew for the brunch with T.J., who's playing today, and was pleased that she texted back she's be there. However, she then called me to explain she thought I meant the regular widder lunch on Monday, and probably will not come today. No prob, although I hope somebody to whom I mentioned it, takes me up on it. If not, I'll just go myself. I'll then go to Dudley House to join the tour for which I've offered myself as a docent in the future.

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