Saturday, August 05, 2017

T.O.P.S. And Chairs

The usual Friday: walking Kimball, then T.O.P.S. I lost 1.2 pounds this time and, considering various deviations from the norm, I was pleased. I'm looking forward to thirty pounds off next week; ironically, I'm now at 29.4.
Breakfast, then I did a few household chores. Took Jim, the assistant manager here, a bowl of my applesauce; he had moved something for me a few weeks ago. He had refused payment, but knowing I made my own applesauce, jokingly asked for some of my next batch. I took it over and he was appreciative.
Loaded my kitchen chair into the care, then took off for Ojai after lunch. Went to the thrift store where I had seen the two chairs and yes, they're as close to a perfect match as I'm going to get. We bought the kitchen set about 45 years ago at The Workbench in Princeton. They're Swedish modern, in blond wood with rattan seats and have slightly curved backrests. I sold the table before I came to California and took only four chairs, although we had had not six, but seven. I can't recall why we bought the extra one.
Called El, then texted her, but when she called me later, I found she had been in Ventura at the podiatrist. She needs something done to her sewer system and the water will be off part of the time on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday next week. She'll go into school to prepare for the new year, but suggested we could have dinner together on those days. Yes, I'd love to, and we will.
From Ojai, I drove to the library and reversed my usual museum to library walk. Boy, was it hot, but I was fine. I found books by that Michael Connelly the non-serial killer mentioned yesterday and took one out. It's pretty good, actually, and I reserved his newest.


Ellen said...

Hi Mom,
I hadn't read your blog in a long time, as my office is usually so hot during the day and I've been busy.
FYI: The sewer thing will be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but not on Friday.

Mimi said...

Oops, I really meant to write that and somehow slipped up. See you Tuesday, I hope, but let me know. Love, Mom