Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Good News and Nails

Walked Kimball. The nurse was there and here's my BP before walking: 110/40; after: 116/64. I still think that's too low, but feel fine.
Had breakfast, put wash in, then Ellen called. She asked me to pick her up at Pep Boys at 5:00, then we'll go to Jasmine Thai for dinner. Yes, indeed, I'll be glad to.
I called brother Frank again and was thrilled and overjoyed that he answered. He sounds just like his old self, strong and joking--oh, happy day! Called my sibs with the good news and e-mailed his children. His daughter, Francine, wrote back to confirm that he's improving rapidly. She said he'll probably be in the hospital for a day or two more, then recover fully at Mercy Central where his Marybeth is.
After lunch, I finally went to Jessica Nails for a pedicure. I find it a horrid ordeal, but love the way my toes look after. Drove from there to twon, did my walk, then met El at Pep Boys, picked her up and we went to Jasmine Thai. I ordered off the menu, even had a beer, and boy, was it good.
Back to Pep Boys, where there was an interminable wait for El's car. She had made an appointment for 5:00 on-line, had a confirmation, but somehow, the incompetent boobs there didn't have. It actually took them two and a half hours for an oil change and to rotate her tires. They did, at least, have the grace to give her a coupon for a free oil change next time.
Anyway, got home a bit before 8:00. El will come here for dinner tonight, as the sewer guys have to use that time, also. Think I'll serve some kind of fish, plus veggies--what I ordinarily eat.

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