Thursday, August 03, 2017

Ojai And VON'S

Walked Kimball, had breakfast,showered and dressed,then packed for my overnight adventure. It's hard to believe I "need" so much for one night, but I did have to take a change of clothes and shoes, plus bedclothes, plus toiletries, plus books, plus food (as I still want to follow my regimen), and so on. Got to the BCNN meeting by 9:30 and sat with Doris and Sherry. Endured a program on service dogs and got to El's by twenty of twelve.
Fed Sebastian and unpacked. Went to VON'S, the only game in town when it comes to supermarkets, got shrimp, and was "served" by a young man who treated me with something just this side of rudeness. (See more or this topic below.) Put the stuff away and had lunch, then locked up and drove to town. I walked around a bit, then noticed a "trolley-bus" stop. I decided to get on.
This went all around Ojai, with just a few people on it and, at one point, it was just the driver (Barry) and me. We had a nice chat as he drove, which I enjoyed along with the tour. Didn't get back to my car until 3:30 or so. Drove back to Ellen's, checked on Sebastian, asleep on the bed and he hadn't moved a whisker, then got on her computer to check my e-mail. I can do this on my phone, too, but it's not as convenient.
Had a little trouble deciding where to sleep last night. It was very warm in the guest room; I know it cools later, but I go to bed early, so decided to hit the couch. I slept for a bit, but "fitfully," as the saying goes, and switched to the guest room, after all. With the fan going, it was fine and I've always liked the nice, soft, queen bed in there.
Got up a little after 6:00, and drove to VON's for coffee. I was annoyed that they hadn't made it yet, and there was a woman in front of me who had four of the largest containers ready. Finally, it was put out by one of the silent, sullen employees VON'S seems to attract, and the woman drained it. It took even longer for the second carafe to be put out, again without the slightest hint of an apology, "good morning," "drop dead" or anything else. I fell into conversation with the woman after me and we agreed on the incredible lack of customer relations skills by VON'S employees. She mentioned that she works there, herself, but in the office. Too bad, as she was very friendly and pleasant. She recommended that I write my complaints on the VON'S web site, which I surely will.
Anyway, aside from all that, I'm having a good time on what feels like a mini-vacation. And hey--it's free! (Aside from Kitty Kare, that is.)

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