Friday, August 11, 2017

Back to School

Walked Kimball,* had breakfast, then went back to school.
Yes, I entered third grade at Olivelands School and assisted the teacher in getting her classroom ready for incoming students (they start next week). I sharpened about sixty pencils--luckily with an electric sharpener--then wrote numbers from one to twenty-six on them with a marker. I opened packets of individual sharpeners, scissors, and erasers and numbered them, too. I helped the teacher with a number of other high-level jobs, such as handing her things to put on the walls.
We brought our lunches and ate there and, actually, I enjoyed it immensely. Left about 2:00 and drove directly to town. Was able to squeeze into a spot at the museum and did my usual walk to the library. Stayed there reading for a bit and got home by 5:00. Rang Suzanne's bell, but she didn't answer. I'll probably see her today and will give back her African violets, which seem to have survived my care.
* BP is still low: after walking, it was 96/60, but with a pulse of 76 (98%), which I understand isn't bad.

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