Saturday, April 30, 2016

SCAN And A Bargain

My niece, Joan, called and told me the good news: Her younger son, Jeremy, and his wife, artist Katherine, are going to have a girl baby in October. So good to hear; Joan and her husband, Jim, had been good friends with my friend in New Mexico and her husband; they hike and do outdoorsy things. We were all at Jer and Kat's wedding in upstate New York two years ago--on June 21, the same day I was married. So our extended family, just the direct descendants of my parents, continues to grow.
Showered and washed my hair before going to the SCAN lecture and got there early. Dr. Wording was in the break room and I asked if he was taking any new patients. He said yes, then "stay healthy." (It was only later I thought of saying, "but if all your patients stayed healthy, you'd be out of a job.")
I'm really on the fence about changing doctors, but I like Primary Medical less and less. I had called the office about getting a tetanus booster on Tuesday; I wasn't terribly worried, but I had stabbed myself with the box cutter--very lightly, but it bled--and I was worried it might be contaminated. Of course, the assistant said she'd have to ask Dr. Jennings, then get back to me, but here it is Saturday and I never got a call back. Anyhow, I'm mulling it over and I like Dr. Wording's talk. Unfortunately (for me), I'm sure, just from a few things he's said, that he's pretty right-wing. Of course, his political beliefs, I suppose, shouldn't have any bearing on it--and who the hell knows, maybe Dr. Jennings is to the right of Bush, anyway.
The lecture was on sleep and insomnia and pretty interesting. I knew Carol and Doris wouldn't be there this week and I sat with Dolly, the one whose late husband was a physician. She said they met in college--Northwestern, a good school--and we talked about how we used to smoke and so on. It was over a bit after 4:00 and I went home and changed, chopped up onions, green peppers, and shallots, stir-fried and added ground turkey. Tasty and I have enough left to put in sauce and have over pasta.
Went out after to get garlic, but wanted to listen to my talking book longer, so drove down to Ralph's near Ellen's. It's next to one of the Goodwill stores and they were having a 50 % off sale on furniture. Just out of curiosity, I stopped in and saw a floor lamp for $9.95. This wasn't a torchiere, but it was similar to one I had had in the study in Jersey and had abandoned. I had always liked it and, as I just wanted something to light up that side of the living room, I laboriously carried it to check out. I was told it was $9.95, I said no, it was half off, as I consider it furniture. The manager and I debated and he finally said if he gave it to me for five bucks, it couldn't be returned. "Agreed!" sez I and carried it out for a fiver.
Went next door to Ralph's and on the way home, who did I see but Ellen and Greg right behind me. She drove next to me and I said I'd call to explain, which I did.
Today, I was told I'd see the Tokyo Tot on Skype at about 3:00 my time. Yay, I can't wait!

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