Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I think I developed a few muscles yesterday. I was determined to get at least started on all my shifting/changing operation. To that end, I first moved everything off the bookcase in the bedroom. It's incredible how much I had on it. Only the top shelf and parts of the second held books; the rest stored all manner of small electronic components, note paper and greeting cards, a paper cutter, and so on and on. Little by little, I carried all that into the living room, then collapsed the bookcase and leaned it against a wall. Vacuumed where it had been and now came the hard part: getting the new bureau into the same space.
Of course, I took out all five drawers first. It was still too heavy to carry (I could barely lift it), so I inched--or "walked"--it, slowly into the bedroom.
Now I met with an obstacle--literally. The bed and the computer desk form a space maybe 18 inches wide, big enough for me to get through, but not big enough for the bureau. What to do? I finally hit on hoisting the bureau (sans drawers) onto the bed and sliding it over, then carefully guiding it down to the floor.
It worked! I put the drawers back in, then had the delightful task of transferring my clothes to them, from the pipe-and-canvas shelves arrangement in the closet. Took the latter out, put the bookcase in its place, and continued the yet another forever job of putting all the stuff somewhere.
I had had winter hats, scarves, and gloves hanging in the closet in a kind of canvas divided--well, hanging thing. Wha' fo'? I probably will never need them here, but I'm not ready to get rid of them. I hit on the expediant of storing them in my suitcase, which is stored in the closet on the patio. Put my shoes in the hanging thing and that worked out fine. I switched a lot of other items around, too. At that point, I decided to quit for the day. I had had a folding TV table in the closet, plus some books with which I decided to part. Put them in the car and dropped them off at Goodwill.
I'm far from finished. I'm going to have to decide what to do with what's left on practically every flat surface in the place. I also have to somehow get the pipe shelves to El's. I'll try to do it myself, but am not sure if I can. I know she's okay about helping, but I don't want to ask unless I have to.
In a few hours, I'll be off to a "Health Expo," where the original Gidget, now a 75-year-old, is the featured speaker. That strikes me as hilarious. Will we be encouraged to take up surfing? Ha!

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