Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Picture Woes

Lots more of the same. Finally have ALL the pictures and framed photos together and, oh, what a problem. There's no way in the world I can hang them all, so I devised a tentative plan: I'll choose some of the better photos (P and N. wedding pics, Mike, Paula, and the girls in the park, and others) to hang here. I'll select others of the family ones, prominently including a number from 30 years ago of the seven of us--Pat and me, our four children, and three-year-old Joel. These I'll store in Ellen's garage, along with a few others, I guess. I'm still dealing with the paintings and will take several to the consignment shop. No nibbles on CraigsList, I'm afraid.
I had some beef bones in the freezer with plenty of meat on them: put them in the crock pot along with jarred gravy and put it to simmer. Changed my sheets and tidied up a bit otherwise.
I'm determined to get more sun (mindful of the D thing, of course), so I went to Target and bought a lawn chair. I'm tentatively planning to go to the park on Poli Street and sit in the sun for twenty minutes a day. I'll bring a book or the Kindle, but if I get tired of reading, I can just look up at a breathtaking view of a huge part of the ocean and, far off, the Channel Islands.
Went for a pedicure about 4:00. It isn't as if I'll be going to a pool or the beach or whatever; I just need my toenails cut and can't do it myself. It's well worth the twenty-five bucks to get it done periodically.
Got home and had the aforementioned beef for dinner--delish. I had written both my sons to ask how things were, as I haven't heard from them for a time. Mike wrote back and said they were on (yet another) vacation--but a "short" one, only 4-5 days at an island resort--they had been in Bangkok last weekend.

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