Thursday, April 21, 2016

Lots Going On

Got to the Ventura Council for Seniors meeting at 9:30 and learned I've been named to the organization--I assume as something like member-at-large. I'm not yet sure what, if any, the duties are. The meeting was okay; it moved right along, thanks to the chair (Suze Montgomery) being insistent on starting and ending on time. I appreciate that.
The program was a presentation by the director of 211, a referral resource for Ventura citizens that will direct callers to almost any avenue for help, from senior housing to available transportation to elder abuse, and so on. It was reasonably interesting. New members of the Council were announced, including your truly, and we stood for a round of applause. The meeting was over a little after 11:00. I had toyed with the idea of going to the Center for lunch, but decided to finish up the chicken Ellen had given me at home, instead. Did so, freshened up a bit, then set off for the Ventura Museum.
Met Nancy at the door, we paid our admission, and went in. The program was "On Location: The History of Hollywood in Ventura," by film historian and founder of Bison Archives, Marc Wanamaker. It included slides of old (and newer) movies that were filmed in Ventura County and was great fun to see. I just love this kind of thing and enjoyed it immensely.
It lasted about an hour and a half, then Nancy and I walked down Main Street to the Paradise Pantry for late lunch. We both got "Mini Macs," small portions of macaroni and cheese, livened up with veggies and other ingredients. Nance had a sparkling wine and I an IPA from Montreal, recommended by the server.
We talked and talked, of course, mostly about family, and were there until after 4:00. Said goodbye, got home, picked up my mail, and relaxed.
Today is yet another county-sponsored meeting, this on "Keeping Well," which includes lunch; tomorrow the doctor's lecture (mental health) at SCAN; Saturday, the fashion show; and Sunday, lunch at the Spaghetti Company with Golden Girls of Ventura County. Whew, I'm looking forward to some slow days next week.

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