Monday, April 04, 2016

P and P

A placid, but pleasant day. Followed my usual Sunday routine (crossword, etc.), responded to messages, filed away receipts and so on. Cleared out a bit of my one and only closet. Ellen came about 1:15 and hung the sheers across the closet door. They don't look bad, but I'm annoyed with myself for getting 63-inch lengths. They leave a gap of about a foot at the bottom; think I'll donate these and get longer ones.
We then went to the Dudley House, an historic place a few miles away. They have docent-guided tours and yesterday, they added a kind of skit, i.e., an exchange between two woman impersonating and dressed as, nineteenth century Dudleys. It looked like fun and I'm thinking of exploring how one gets to be a docent. I'm not sure if they're regulars; they seemed to have acting experience, which is all to the good for me.
That took about an hour, as it was very crowded, then I went with El to get her car washed.
The last two times I had my car washed, they did a lousy job--these were cheap places at gas stations, where you pay four or six bucks and stay in the car while it does a--well, a lousy job just on the outside. Where we went yesterday was to Five Points and it took almost an hour. For one thing, it was extremely crowded and for another, they're very thorough and clean inside and out. Next time, I'm definitely getting my car washed there.
Anyway, we sat outside and in fact, it was nice to sit in the warm sun and talk. We covered lots of topics, such as home decor, why she likes her Honda, how much the car cleaners get paid--less than the minimum wage, I understand, as they supposedly get tips. They're all Mexican, of course; everybody around here who's relegated to shit work is Mexican. And so it goes.
Got home to see a message from niece Carolyn. I had asked if she would be able to go on the train to meet Dave and Polly in LA and she said she would if she could find someone to take little Claire to gymnastics. If she's successful, we'll go and she'll drive. Hope we can do it that way; if not, I'm contemplating the train.

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