Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Busy, busy, but with domestic stuff.
Did two loads of wash at the laundry place, with the usual back-and-forth routine. I'm so used to it now, it doesn't even faze me. After, I was just about to vacuum (little scraps of things were still on the floor from unpacking the box the other day) when the doorbell rang and darned if it wasn't my new bureau! I tried to persuade the delivery person to wait 'til I opened it to see if it was damaged, but he wouldn't. However, I unpacked without too much problem (I have experience) and it's okay. I very laboriously moved it off and away from the broken-down box and, taking three trips, took box, foam, and paper to the dumpster.
Right now, the bureau is in the dining area, but at least is out of the way. To get it where I want it, I have to move several different things--some to Ellen's, some to other places in the apartment, and so on. It's a big job; I'll start it today, but who knows when I'll finish.
I screwed the drawer pulls in, which is all it needed, as it comes assembled. It sure isn't fancy and is anything but the beautiful antique highboy I got from my Aunt Claire. Unfortunately, that became damaged, so I left it on the curb in Jersey before I moved. I still regret not having it fixed and keeping it, but I just couldn't handle that with everything else going on at the time. My new bureau is just a plain, white-painted wood, utilitarian chest with five drawers to which I won't form any sentimental attachment, but will serve its purpose.
Vacuumed and cleaned up here and there, then went to Michael's and got another over-the-door wreath hanger. I transferred the red wreath I had in the kitchen to my bedroom door, and put the round, rustic wooden thing (that's the official name, "thing") in the kitchen. Looks good.
I e-mailed my new friend, Leatrice (it rhymes with "Beatrice"), then we talked on the phone and made a date for early dinner at Jasmine Thai for Friday, May 6. My New Mexico friend returned my call; I knew she and hubby were taking off with their RV yesterday. Yes, they had just started off when she called. They won't get to Jersey until September, as they have a long list of places to see and things to do in the west, mid west, and middle of the country. What a fabulous adventure they're starting and how I envy them! I'm so happy for her and so proud.

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