Monday, April 18, 2016

Begonias and Chicken

I went to The Green Thumb nursery and found some lovely Riegal begonias for my six-plant ironwork stand. They're so pretty--all different colors and I think I'll get a mix. I didn't buy them because it was so crowded, I didn't feel like waiting in line. Will go back today for them.
Got a message when I got home that El had called. Got back to her and she asked if I'd like to come for dinner. Well, yes indeedy do, I do, I said (figuratively speaking), and she said to come about 3:00. In the meantime, I looked at Facebook and saw that my friend in New Mexico now has a page there AND a web site, to wit:
She's the one who makes such unique and beautiful pendents. I have four of them and love wearing them. I'll talk this up--or Internet it up, I guess--among family and friends.
Got to El's while she was upstairs cleaning her bathroom; I helped a bit by changing the water for defrosting the chicken.* She seasoned it, added chopped onions, potatoes, and carrots, and popped it in the oven. We then went to the supermarket (Greg was working late, as he usually does on the weekends) for various. Got back and relaxed on the patio, El with a Margarita, her mum with chilled white wine. Since I'm no longer drinking wine at night, it tasted wonderful; I even had another half glass.
As we sat and talked, I again marveled that I wasn't on vacation, wasn't just visiting, but actually live here. It still seems a happy dream.
Dinner was delicious and I got a nice portion of dark meat (which I prefer) to take home. Said goodbye to my girl and happily rode away. What an enjoyable weekend.
And now--I can look forward to my new bureau-yay!
*That sounds as if the chicken was being defrosted in the bathroom, but no--she was upstairs, the chicken was in the kitchen. Goes to show how careless 'ritin' can trip you up.


iloveac said...

I checked 'your friend's' jewelry. Very nice. I particularly like the Black and Whilte pieces and especially the Brown and Turquoise one.

She may already be aware of the website which only shows handmade objects....she can showcase her work there, and get more exposure. It's called
I've purchased items from them and have been very pleased.
You have such talented children.

Mimi said...

Pat, Alison told me she has already listed on I haven't looked it up yet (I've never been in it before), but your comment prompts me to do it--thanks!