Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Lunch and Stuff

A nicely full day, which included fun and getting a lot done that I had kind of let slide. Wrote a note of sympathy to Desi's daughter and another to Jim and Mary H., who had been like family to him. Jim was his doctor and the three of them sang together in church, performed for LETCO, and vacationed together often, both in this country and Europe. His death will leave a deep hole in their lives.
Put some stuff for Mike and my tenant in envelopes to take to the P.O. Stopped at the bank first to make a deposit, then at Quest Diagnostics about 11:00 to see if I had to fast for an upcoming blood test. No? Then could I have it done then? Yes, and I did--one more thing off my list.
Headed toward Yolanda's for the widder lunch a litle early, so went to a nearby store for lettuce, sweet peppers, and several other items. At Yolanda's, I joined the rest of the gang in the back room. There were about twelve of us, and a very convivial group it was. Enjoyed it greatly and we'll meet again for dinner in two weeks.
Took my leftovers home, put them and my supermarket stuff in the fridge, and went off to the library. I asked about the book I had requested months ago and Mary, a very nice librarian, and I discussed the pitfalls of non-inter library loans. I was amazed to hear that the library has to pay up to forty dollars if a book isn't in its system. Just incredible, and I'd be willing to bet that isn't so in Jersey.
When I got home, I called my friend, Joyce, whom I'm meeting for lunch today down at the harbor. I hadn't realized my PT appointment was at 11:00, and I asked Joyce if we could postpone our noon date to 1:00. No problem with that.
I was pleased to get a call from my friend in New Mexico and we had a good long talk. She asked if I had her birth or baptismal certificates, as they're going to be starting a four month, cross-country trip in two weeks and think they'll hit Canada, too. I think I gave her her birth certificate years ago, but I had her baptismal; scanned it, and will send the hard copy today.

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