Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Green Thumb and Dinner

Went to Green Thumb and bought my six pretty Reigal begonias. Put them in the plant stand and hey, do they look purty. Swept and otherwise cleaned up the patio.
Got a bunch of office work done--paying bills and so on. Bill Galway, my former neighbor, called. He-s's a semi-retired contractor and still runs a small business. He will change furnace filters, clear rain gutters, and do some other kind of maintenance periodically. His fee is $199 a year, which I think is reasonable. He couldn't remember if he had charged me for this year yet and I told him he hadn't. Said I'd send him a check and asked if he'd send a bill, even though he'll get the check first, so I can keep it for income tax purposes. With the boring part over, we had a nice chat and I caught up with doings--if truth be known, nothing much--in my former neighborhood.
Drove to Poli Street Park and sat in my new lawn chair for a half hour or so, in order to built up my vitamin D. Showered and dressed when I got home and went off to the widder dinner at Yolanda's. There were about twenty of us, most of them regulars. Joyce had e-mailed me she was going to go; she did and there were two newbies there, as well. They were Shirley and Kate, both of whom live in Santa Paula. Kate, a hefty lady in her seventies, uses a walker and was originally from the U.K. She was married to an American and has lived here for fifty years. She and Shirley--a somewhat glum person with remarkably vivid red hair--met at the Presbyterian Church. Nice enough, but not exactly my cup of Earl Grey.
Anyway, I enjoyed it, as ever, and it was good to see Joyce again. Got home by 7:30 and found that Chuck, one of our few male members (!), had already posted a picture on Facebook, which I shared.


iloveac said...

I don't go to Facebook very often so I was glad you said a photo of your Widders group was posted.

Looks like a good group...so many young women ..much better than old biddies which you and I will never be.

BTW...the photo 48 years ago with you, Pat & kids is adorable. Love your short skirt....nice leg showing.

Mimi said...

Pat, THANKS for that "nice leg" comment! In truth, I was always proud of my legs when I was young; though not long, they were shapely and slender. Well, they're still shapely--but I'll skip mentioning what kind of shape...