Sunday, April 03, 2016

Garage Sale

The garage sale was a great success! Well, a moderate success, but still lots of fun.
I had set the alarm for 6:30, as the sale was advertised to start at 8:00, but darned if I didn't wake up at 5:00. Got up anyway and did the usual. Had breakfast at 7:00, then set off for Ellen's. Got there a few minutes before 8:00 and there were three women waiting for the garage door to open. It did just as I got out of the car, thanks to Ellen and the sale was on.
El had several large items, including a bike, a leather (or vinyl) office chair, and a puffy double-bed cover. My stuff was smaller, but did include a large and heavy wooden magazine rack (why I ever bought that, I can't imagine), the large picture that used to hang over the armoire (Spellcheck doesn't recognize that either--idiots!) in the living room (why did I ever have it carted out here?), and some clothes I've outgrown. I also brought several original, framed paintings, only one of which sold. I'll see if the woman at the consignment shop might take them. We both had all kinds of other stuff, too, a lot of which sold. I'm always amazed at what people will buy. It was slightly cool--for here, that is--maybe about 65, but we were busy and didn't feel it. At one point, El came out with snacks for the two of us: delicious sesame crackers and two dips. I like the roasted tomato hummus, but my favorite is tapas (really just ground-up olives).
As ever, selling can be a lot of fun. I like the feeling of something I no longer need or want being used by someone who does. Enjoyed talking to people and occasionally, haggling over a price. And, of course, I greatly enjoy pocketing the dough. Yesterday, I also got a kick out of hearing El conversing at some length in Spanish with a couple (and yes, they bought).
Our ad had run in the paper that morning and El had put up signs at the corner and the driveway. She also advertised on Craig's List; she got an message on her phone from somebody who asked if he/she could take what was left after the sale. This was a pretty common practice in Jersey--years ago, people would be offered a certain sum, often twenty bucks, for what was left, but that seems to have changed on both coasts. Now it's "I'll help you pack up and take what's left." We decided we'd take the person (a woman) up on it, but removed some things, such as my paintings, which I didn't want to give away.
Cherise arrived in a pickup truck with a man--husband, boyfriend, SO, or whomever--and they both proved to be friendly and pleasant. They loaded up the stuff, thanked us profusely, and drove off. I put what I was keeping back in my car and El and I both admired how neat and empty (well, emptier) the garage looks. I exchanged some of my bills for her quarters (I always need them for the wash) and we said goodbye after making a date for today to tour the Dudley House, an historic mansion near here.
The bottom line: I made $120 or thereabouts, with which I'm pleased. Even better, I got rid of a whole lot of stuff which was taking up space not only in my apartment, but in my consciousness. I don't want either to be cluttered, so am well satisfied with our day.
Got home to find an e-mail from my friend in New Mexico, who makes jewelry. She had given me three at different times for gifts and I wear them often. She had also had "set up" at a flea market and sold several of her necklace creations (made of clay). She included a picture and when I saw her display, I wrote to tell her I had to have a particular one: round with a blue and white wave on it. She wrote back today and said she'd send me it, but insisted she won't take money from me. (And here I am, flush with what I made at the sale!)
Got an e-mail from nephew, David, for us Californians, saying he and Polly are staying overnight on Thursday in L.A. on their trip back from New Zealand. Might any of us southern Cal relaives be able to meet for a drink or whatever? I'd love to and am going to see if I can take a train.
Betty called with various and we talked for a bit. I e-mailed Aline to tell her my friend, Pat, would see the very Madame Butterfly she'd attend. It's funny how remote the east coast seems to me, whether Ventnor or Little Egg. Guess I'm really settled into my new life after eight months.


iloveac said...

Congrats on the garage sale success, Rosemary.

I find it fascinating that I could be watching 'Madam Butterfly' via simulcast HD as Aline was in the live audience.

Mimi said...

Thanks, Pat. Yes, it does seem fascinating--modern technology!