Friday, April 15, 2016

Here And There

I forced myself to delve more into the ever-lasting picture problem. Now I followed the plan I devised: I separated the pictures into rough categories. The originals, larger prints, and needlepoint, I packed in a number of large cloth bags and carried them--two by two, as they were heavy--to my car and put them in the trunk. These are the ones I hope the consignment shop will take. The older ones of the family that we had done at a studio thirty years ago (I know it was about that long, because Joel is surely a three-year old), I re-covered with bubble wrap and leaned against the wall in the bedroom. I'm going to ask Ellen if I can again store them in her garage; I don't have room for them now, but just can't relinquish them. The third group are those I think I'm going to be able to hang here. The question is, do I want to? I still have to do some culling, I think. I actually hung a pic of myself in the bathroom. This is in a pretty pink frame and is a photo of my heart. I had had some kind of test several years ago and remarkably, they sent me a picture of my heart after. It even has my name on it--of course, for all I know, they send the same picture to everybody; how could you deny it's yours?
Went to WinCo for this and that. I saw a kind of pizza made on a long roll, that you could just put in the oven. I fall for anything, so of course, I bought it. Cut it in half, baked it, and had it for lunch. It was okay, but not terrific.
I was determined to search out a torchiere lamp, so went to the mall, where I rarely go. Went to Sears and guess what, they don't carry them. I did happen to see a pair a slacks and a top I liked, so bought them. As I was walking to the parking lot, my friend called; she hadn't been in when I called to tell her how much I like the necklace. She said they'll be taking off for their country-wide tour in the RV on the twenty-fifth. What an adventure!
Showered and changed when I got home, then went to my PT appointment. I told Diana that I had omitted the Aleve for the last three days, yet my knee feels fine. Happily, we decided to chalk it up to the exercise.
From there, I went to the library, although it was after 5:00. Took a book back and looked at others, but didn't withdraw. I'm still into the Arthur Schlesinger journal, plus still listening to the interviews with Jackie K., so I'll wait to take anymore out.

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