Sunday, April 24, 2016

Fashion Show

Quite a day again. Got to Penney's at 9:00 where I met up with Chris, who had agreed to come in an hour early to color my hair. I greatly enjoyed talking to him--young and energetic and full of good cheer. I think he did a better job on my hair than others--anyway, it looks good. Got home, had lunch, changed, and set off for The Avenue a little before 1:00.
Geez, what a disorganized outfit they are. I was told the fashion show was from two to four and had been asked to be there at 1:00. Why? I have no idea, as I just hung around a bit, then went out and looked around the rest of the shopping center. When I went back, a few more models were there (there were seven of us all together), so I chatted with them. I secured a dressing room--they have only four--and asked if my purse could be put in the back somewhere, maybe the employees' break room. It occurred to me that if customers were trying on clothes, I didn't want my purse out. I was assured customers wouldn't be using the rooms during the show--absolutely untrue, as a woman did indeed, come back during the show. However, a salesperson did take it and put it in a locker, so that was okay.
It finally rolled around to 2:00. I was the first one to go out and show off my outfit. It consisted of gray Capris, a turquoise shirt, and a white jacket, with off-white, studded canvas shoes. It made quite a hit with the--very sparse, I'm afraid--audience. I pirouetted around and got a hand of applause, then went back to put on my dressier outfit. This was very nice: white, jeweled-neckline top, black pants, and a terrific blue and white over-blouse. I also wore turquoise and silver earrings and a silver bracelet.
The "fashion show" really didn't last from 2 to 4; I think it was over about quarter of three. I didn't see Ellen there, either, so changed into my own clothes, decided not to buy anything, as it's pricey and, in truth, the only thing I liked enough to buy was the dressy outfit--but where would I ever wear it? Okay, maybe I'll go back another time and get it.
I was getting in my car when El drove up. She had thought the "fashion show" would be on until 4:00, as I had told her, and was sorry to be late, but no biggie. We went back in, as she was looking for something to wear to the Cinco de Mayo festival at school, but didn't find what she wanted and decided to look in a shop in Santa Paula. I went with her to a small shop owned by the parents of one of her math students. The little girl was there--very cute. El found a beautiful blouse, with large and colorful flowers embroidered at the scoop neckline, and bought that.
We went back to her place while she folded laundry, then to the Two Trees Cafe for dinner. We both like the place, although it's very noisy and sometimes, is so crowded, we leave. This was early, though, so we got in with no waiting. Had a nice meal, then El drove me back to get my car.
Today, I meet for lunch the Golden Girls of Ventura County at The Spaghetti Company. After that, I'm going to be glad for some down time!

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