Friday, April 01, 2016

This And All That

Nicely busy day. I was determined to get my crummy car washed and, after showering and dressing, did so. Boy, I hate staying in it during the procedure; I keep seeing grisly headlines, such as "Car Wash Apparatus Malfunctions, Crushes Elderly Woman." However, it didn't happen (this time, anyway) and intact, I went to lunch at the Senior Center.
I didn't see Marie when I got there, so sat down at a table (they're all round, which is a much more convivial setup) with a rather peculiar woman and three men. The woman said not one single word throughout, but the three men and I got into interesting discussions about the Internet, various colleges, and Asia. The guy from Finland, whom I've eaten with before, and the lawyer who has been in Singapore, were especially interesting, but so was the other. I got the impression that the woman (I've met her, but of course, didn't remember her name) doesn't use the computer and I felt a little bad that she was totally ignored while we talked. I must chat her up during another visit. Anyway, it was good adult conversation that didn't touch on television at all, thank Zeus.
I had prepared some flyers for the garage sale, posted two on bulletin boards at the center, and handed them out to patrons. In another room, I saw my friend, Marie, working on a jigsaw puzzle with a guy and I chatted with her for a bit. She asked if bus service goes near El's (it does, but you have to walk about a mile after you get off), so she may come to the sale.
Stopped at Wal-Mart after for Chrystal Light and twine. Home, I took my wash, in hamper and cart, to the laundry room; it came to two loads, but both fit in the dryer.
Tonya posted on Facebook Desi's obit and I also saw it in the AC Press. I thought it was poorly written--very unimaginative and the picture showed him as a private in the US Army sixty years ago. That was silly, if you ask me; I happen to know Desi has any number of good recent pictures taken. He wasn't a bad-looking man, with thick white hair and goatee and I've seen many excellent photos of him. I wrote something for the on-line guest book with the obit (I was the second one after Jim Henry), but to my great annoyance, it didn't show up at first, so I wrote another. Damn, now they both appeared. It looks stupid and there seems no way to get hold of that department at the Press.
Called El to see if she might want to go to dinner, but she was going to be busy with something, so I'll see her today when we start setting up for the big garage sale.
My PT appointment was at 4:45 and it was a good one. I like Diana more and more and she started asking about my acting background (I mentioned last week I would teach a course at the Center). I related some stage anecdotes while she massaged my leg and we had a good session.
My knee feels very much better, as I told Diana. I'd like to attribute the improvement to the exercises she gave me, but it may very well be the Aleve.


iloveac said...

Did your GI doc ok you taking Aleve with your ulcer history?

I get the same thoughts when I'm in the car going thru the wash--hate it.

Mimi said...

I didn't ask the GI doc. Will talk to my own doctor soon--she didn't say a single thing about Aleve or anything else re my knee except the PT. In fact, I'd like to drop her and get someone else, but too busy now.