Friday, April 29, 2016

This 'n' That

Time Warner and I made up, more or less. They called in the morning and here was the problem: My payment had been put on my old account from when I lived on Britten Lane because I had the old account number on my bill pay account. I don't know why it wasn't their responsibility to change it, as they knew I had moved from one apartment to another, but I didn't even ask. They applied the payment to the right place and it's straightened out, which is all I care about.
Got some housework and other computer stuff done. Put my medications in my seven divided pill containers. Ran out of sleep aid and went to Wal-Mart for more. Trader Joe's is in the same shopping center and I went there for garlic. Annoyingly, they had only already peeled, which I would have bought except it was ridiculously expensive, plus a number of them in a large net bag. I like garlic, but use it only every week or so, and that was too much. Went elsewhere and got shallots, instead, plus lettuce, then went to the P.O. to send off yet another envelope to Singapore.
Took myself to the park on Poli (Street) and sat in the sun to soak up the D. However, it's been very windy--maybe the well-known Santa Ana winds--and since the park is high up (hence the lovely view of the Channel Islands), I was almost blown off my chair. Didn't stay as long as I had planned and stopped into the downtown Goodwill just to look around. Made a real find: A wooden container, half-moon shaped, with a lid and a ship motif on the front. It's perfect for storing paper towels and I was pleased to find it.
I foolishly fell for the free offer to upgrade to Microsoft 10 and now I can't get to my Big Fish Games, my pictures, and other things. It tells me I can go back to 7, but I need my password and I've had it so long, I don't remember it. I'm afraid to try to go back, because what if it doesn't work and I'm stranded? Will have to see if El or others can help.
Got a call from Jeanne Dollard Painter last night and we had a nice chat. Her milestone (ugh!) birthday is coming up in a few weeks, mine in December. I'd just as soon skip it.

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