Monday, July 31, 2006

Not a whole heck of a lot going on today, which is fine by me. We're waiting for the visiting nurse and I then want to run over to Boscov's to get a few things. Got a nice e-mail from brother Jim and have been reading the narrative he got from niece Joan, who got it from her mother, my sister, who got it from our mutual mother. However, as I mentioned, I don't think our father wrote it. The handwriting seems too fancy, for one thing, and I kinda doubt if he had cousins named William and Henry. I'm just listening to Bush justifying sending more troops to Iraq by saying it will facilitate "a lasting peace." Yes, yes, he's absolutely right: Send more Americans over to kill and be killed and that will bring peace. War is peace. Oh, Eric Blair--not Tony--where are you now that we need you?

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Enjoyed my cousin Tom's 80th birthday party yesterday. Brother Jim and SIL Therese were there, as well as cousin John, and Tom's DIL Pattie, whom I had met for lunch several times when I worked at Rider. It took more than two hours to drive there--much longer trip than when we lived in Ewing--but I made it fine. Terrific food, two beautiful cakes, and lots of fun talking to relatives, trying to figure out who was who in our large extended family. Jim said he had sent me a copy of something that may have been written by our father when he was quite young--but I have reservations that he actually wrote it. Will elaborate more in another entry.
To cover while I was gone, Alison came down again. She took her Dad to his eye doctor appointment and I'm happy to write the eye is improving, but he has to bathe it four times a day with ointment and baby shampoo. She took him to the bay, then bought flounder and cooked it for him--she's so good! And she does all this so cheerfully and offers to do more. It's such a relief for me to be able to get away and not worry. Luckily, I'm able to run errands, meet people for lunch, and so on in the afternoon, as Pat is okay by himself then. As I said to Alison, it isn't so much the time I'm away, but the distance. If I'm just tooling around the area, up to Manahawkin, say, I don't see any problem. I just don't like to go too far (such as Ambler yesterday) without having somebody with Pat.
Have decided to update this blog in the morning, rather than the afternoon, as I never seem to get back to it.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Went to Hamilton Mall yesterday to get my new glasses fixed. As it turned out, they just needed to be adjusted and I can see fine now. Had lunch there--Chinese--and looked around at various stores, including those with children's clothes. I was just stunned at the prices, especially at the specialty shops. Wow, these young parents must have to go into hock to clothe their children nowadays--right, Anon?
When I got home, Pat was at the bay so I spent a pleasant hour just reading, tidying up, and so on. Served chicken pot pie for dinner, which was good.
This morning, I washed the bathroom and laundry room rugs, changed our bed, and did a bit more housework. Called Sister Betty at work and home to see if her new little granddaughter had arrived in Chicago, but wasn't able to get her. Will call back.
Am now awaiting the cleaning people, who will clean the floors and bathrooms, then see "An Inconvenient Truth" with Leslie.
Well, ha, ha: The cleaning people won't see "An inconvenient Truth," I will!
Planning spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and blah, blah, blah, and so on.
Later: Just got back from "An Inconvenient Truth"--wow! That is one thought-provoking movie. It shows very strongly and clearly the truth of global warming, as well as the rapidity with which it's advancing AND--very important--the consequences we and our children are going to suffer if we don't do something about it, and soon. I was intrigued by lots of it, including the part about the articles by scientists written and published in the last ten years and how many disagreed with the threat of global warming: 0%. That was compared with information in the popular press, overwhelmingly by non-scientists. How many suggested doubt? 53%!!! Seems to me this reflects the "intelligent design" so-called "controversy"--as if there were any possible way to dispute evolution.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Pat and I both had a great time visiting Bill and Regina on Tuesday. For lunch, Bill served up club sandwiches, cole slaw, and dessert of baked peach halves topped with vanilla ice cream and raspberries. We then sat at the table for an hour examining the pictures and other artifacts I had brought that had been displayed at Pat's birthday party. Bill in particular got a great kick out of identifying family members, friends, and old Ventnorites. He and Regina exclaimed over the "blow-ups" Alison had had done of newspaper articles and so on featuring her Dad, and we left for them to watch the wonderful CD she had composed of Pat's life. We had a fine time and to top it off, Bill insisted we take some of the sandwiches home and we had them for dinner, too--I didn't have to cook.
I did cook yesterday: barbecued ribs in the crockpot, which turned out to be delicious. We had gone to Pat's primary doctor at the the early afternoon; not much else is new with his health. There is an improvement, which is slight, but definite. This time, I didn't have to get a wheelchair for him to get into the building--he was able to walk in with the walker.
Today I have a rare free day--after the morning chores and before the dinner duties, that is. I'm going back to see if my new glasses can be fixed, as the "close" part seems too high. I have to put my head down to see at a distance.
Anonymous will be relieved to know that after tomorrow, I'll no longer be writing how much I want to see "An Inconvenient Truth," as Leslie and I are going to see it then.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Saw "The Devil Wears Prada" with Susan yesterday, and boy, did I enjoy it. I'm still interested in career-type movies, plus I love scenes of New York and Paris, and this had some wonderful ones. Of course, Meryl Streep is just stunning, no matter what character she plays. When she's on screen, even in a group shot, your eyes are just riveted on her alone. Anyway, loved it and hope to see "An Inconvenient Truth" before too long.
Going to Bill and Regina's today, and will take artifacts from Pat's birthday party, plus the pictures of London Bill asked me to bring (I'll go easy on them). Primary doc tomorrow at Fort Dix, but--for once--I think I have everything in order to give him.
Pat is actually feeling better and is noticeably improved. I hope we can expand his horizons a little more before too long. Am cautious about getting too optimistic, but he's certainly better than he was last month.
Got the income tax forms back from our accountant, Bill D., and we'll get some dough back, which is good. There's nothing like money to make people happy, I always say.
All in all, things are on the upswing and I'm feeling good.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Had a great time in Ventnor yesterday visiting with Frank and Marybeth, Patrick and Susan. We went down to walk on the beach, had fried chicken and potato salad for lunch that Lee, Susan's mother, had brought down, and just generally hung out. Saw pictures of their honeymoon that Patrick had on his computer and discovered they had stayed at the Peninsula in Bangkok, as Mike, Paula, and I did last year.
Later, Lee and Susan's father, Charlie, came down and we were pleased to have Lois and Carol, George W.'s sisters, stop over. I hadn't known that Lois actually introduced Frank and Marybeth so many years ago in California. It got a lot cooler, so was very comfortable. I called Pat 3 times, and he was fine. He said that John, Ray and Barbara's son, had stopped in, and he enjoyed seeing him. Pat also went to the bay--his every afternoon jaunt--and saw a boat race that a little disorganized, he said, but fun to watch.
Was glad to get our usual Sunday call from Ellen and we discussed the heat in California. She said she couldn't even remember it hotter in Ventura and, of course, there's little A.C. there. Could this be part of the global warming thing? Hope to see "An Inconvenient Truth" soon.
Must get dressed and ready for exercise. Susan and I are going to see "The Devil Wears Prada" today; tomorrow, Pat and I are planning to visit Bill and Regina.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

It rained early on yesterday, but Susan stopped to see if I wanted to go to the clubhouse for exercise. Yes, I would and I did. Later, Alison came down and did most of the work in actually detailing Pat's car. She used tar and bug remover to get all the black gonk off the bottom, silicone for the leather, chrome cleaner to shine up the metal, window cleaner for the windows, and so on. Before that, of course, she took out all the junk Pat tends to keep in the car. I washed the two jackets, shirt, and various other articles of clothing we found, and Pat himself used the dry vac to vacuum out the back, front, and trunk. Boy, does it look good--but I can see why people charge $75 or so to do it. Alison then pulled out the weeds that have been springing up in the flower beds (I helped), and that took care of most of the day. I was able to get to Manahawkin to buy presents for upcoming parties (my cousin's birthday and a baby shower), and even had time to take a nap. For dinner, I ordered out from Brother's: flounder and french fries for Pat, a sausage sub for me.
Talked to sister Betty. She's letting friends from the East take over her apartment for a week, and said she'll find another place to sleep--she wasn't sure where, but said she had until that night to find a place! She'll ask a friend if she can stay there, otherwise, I guess she'll be homeless.
Brother Frank called last night to ask if I could come down to Ventnor today and we'd have lunch and just hang out. Will be glad to--looking forward to seeing him and Marybeth again, plus Patrick and Susan.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Went to eye doctor. Good news is that Pat's eyes are "healthy"; bad news is they're healthy EXCEPT for the cornea in his left eye, which has a "crack" in it. Doc gave him two kinds of eye drops and we go back August 2. I don't think he has much left on the old bod that could go wrong.
After the doc's, Pat went to the bay and I drove to Absecon to pick up the latest "script" (that's what medical people seem to call prescriptions) for the Singulair. We have to take it to the V.A. doc whom we see on Wednesday, to get them to supply the stuff. Went to the clubhouse and a commercial place to fax something to the eye doc; first wasn't open, second would charge 3 bucks for two sheets and I refused. Will fax on Monday.
Dennis and Leslie invited me to go with them to the St. Theresa's carnival tonight and I said I would.
Incredible heat and humidity continues. Leslie and I agreed to see "An Inconvenient Truth" sometime next week (although the days get filled in fast); I'm beginning to believe in this global warming thing. I sure as hell believe in Little Egg Harbor warming...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Went to Margate to Lucy the Elephant today--it's a Christmas secret why I was there. Anyway, it rained like crazy, but later got sunny. I then stopped into the V.A. place in Ventnor--not for Pat as they only service people who go to the V.A. in Delaware (it's insane!)--but I wanted to be sure. Swung around to Betty's house (it looks fine), then to Boscov's, then home. Handled a few more medical items with phone calls and letters, but they were manageable, anyway. Brother Bill called and we're going over to see him and Regina on Tuesday. I'll bring some of the pictures, etc. we had at Pat's birthday party, which we forgot last time. Leslie asked if I wanted to go with Dennis and her to the St. Theresa carnival on Friday, and I think I will. Pat went down the bay again today and we're not just waiting for dinnertime--I'm having spaghetti and meatballs. All in all, it was a quiet, but pleasant day.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Went to the pulmonologist's this afternoon and we're heartened by the slight improvement in Pat's blood oxygen level and a few other things. These are, of course, very nominal changes, but at least they're something. There are also some other things going on that are hopeful--too long and involved to explain here.
I got my new glasses and don't like them at all. The bifocal part is good and allows me to see close up much better. However, the distance sight isn't even as good--I think they put the bifocal part up too high. I'll take them back tomorrow, if possible, and see what can be done.
Chicken legs in the oven for dinner, along with potatoes au gratin. I'm hungry and will have a snack beforehand.
Aside from the doctor's, it was a pretty boring day.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Another good day: Just got back from lunch with Leslie. We went to the new little bakery/cafe in the new little strip mall behind Rite-Aid on Mathistown Road. Had an excellent club sandwich and very good iced tea, then talked and talked for three hours. It was great--so satisfying to talk to somebody who doesn't say, "You're strong." Got home to find Pat gone, presumably to the bay. Making hot dogs and baked beans in the crockpot--just a casual summer meal.
My new glasses are ready, but I don't want to go all the way to Hamilton Mall at this time of day (4:00); too much traffic. We have the pulmonologist appointment in Absecon tomorrow--maybe I could get the glasses first.
It's incredibly hot, but I think that's the norm for the middle of July. Asked Leslie about going to see "An Inconvenient Truth" and she's anxious to see it, too, so we'll go soon. Otherwise, all about the same and that's okay.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Breakfast with Frank, Marybeth, and Maureen was great fun yesterday. They stayed for about an hour and a half, then drove to Holy Sepulcher to see Mom's grave, then went back to Baltimore. F. and M. will be back at Betty's house with Patrick and Susan next weekend (Maureen returns to California tomorrow). I think Susan's parents are coming, too. Alison said if I want to meet them in Ventnor, she'd drive down to be with Pat. Would really like her to go down, too--I know she enjoys seeing her cousins. I'm wondering if Pat could make it there. It may not be a good idea if the A.C. isn't in the living room, though--we'll see.
Lovely long talk with Ellen yesterday; she calls every Sunday. How I wish I could get out there to see her, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards.
Just got back from the hemotologist, who said Pat's blood count is actually okay. He thinks the former somewhat high count (I thought the primary had said "low") was from the steroids, his illness, or that the moon was in the wrong position (nah, I just made that up). In truth, he said it could be from all kinds of things, but is nothing to worry about. Well, at least there's something we don't have to worry about.
Pat's down the bay right now; thought I'd go to the pool, but geez, even for me, it's damn hot, so maybe I won't. It's really nice to have the house to myself, too. I just made some hard-boiled eggs (we like sandwiches of them for lunch) and will bake pork chops for dinner.
Having lunch with Leslie tomorrow, which I'm looking forward to--or rather, to which I'm looking forward. (The old English major dies hard.)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Very enjoyable day yesterday: Alison came down to be with Pat while I met brother Frank, SIL Marybeth, and lovely niece, Maureen, at Laurel Memorial. We cried and laughed, reminiscenced and were silent. Marybeth and Maureen left mementos and we took some pictures. In a sweet, sad way, it was good to be there, where that sleeper sleeps. We then went to lunch and happily caught up with each other's lives. This morning, the California trio are coming for breakfast (they're bringing the bagels and rolls, we'll provide coffee and o.j.), so they can see Pat, whom they like so much. After, they'll drive to Philadelphia and from there back to Baltimore. Next weekend, they'll be back staying at Sister Betty's house in Ventnor, this time with Patrick and Susan in tow. It's good to have such a big extended family--lucky us!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Just got a call from sister Betty (geez, she sounds like a nun--I don't think so), who said little Claire is darling, but cries a lot. Hmm, that's a surprise. Imagine a 3-week-old baby who cries a lot. But--aha! Betty always said Carolyn cried a lot, too. Guess the cosmos is getting back at her.
I'm now a ravishing brunette again, rather than a mousy indeterminate.
I did indeed get meatball subs for dinner last night. Not sure which was better: the delicious, billion-calorie sub or not having to cook.
Am just sitting around waiting for the cleaning people to come. I now have them do only the floors and I'm not absolutely positive it's worth it. On the other hand, I pay them less, and I can certainly do the dusting, etc. myself.
P.S. It's INCREDIBLE what isn't recognized by the spell check on this blog. "Meatball," for one--they always want it to be two words. The names of medical specialists are almost never accepted: "pulmonologist," "hemotologist," and so on. Okay, maybe I can understand that, but other very common words come up as wrong. The funny thing is, they always want to replace "blog" with something else! They should keep some English majors on board, and let the techies just tech themselves...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Got my windshield replaced yesterday. It was a breeze: I called the guy the day before, he came to the house and it was done in about an hour and a half. Allstate pays all but $100 (it totaled $250), so it was no problem.
Even more big news: I got my oil changed this morning--AND, guess what? I got it free because it was my fifth oil change!
Today, I continued my cleaning out frenzy. Cleared the top of the desk, although I still have some things to sort out. Soon, I'm going to tackle the drawers and get rid of the papers I've somehow accumulated.
Am washing the bathroom rugs because the cleaners come tomorrow. (Alison laughs that I clean up for the cleaners.) I want them to concentrate on doing the floors.
Will do my hair (that's code) today, then get meatball sandwiches for dinner. Yeah, I deserve a day off from cooking for a change.
Pat's down the bay. Tomorrow, he has an appointment with the cardiologist.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Yesterday, I wrote out a fair-sized entry, clicked on "publish" and got a message that that the site was getting routine maintenance, so it didn't go through! Annoying, as yesterday's entry was so fascinating, I'm sure my thousands of readers--well, dozens--okay, reader or two--would have found it memorable. However, now I can't remember what it was about, except for griping about paperwork and so on, so hmmm...maybe you didn't miss much.
Good news: Brother Frank, Marybeth, and daughter Maureen from California will be visiting (his) son and DIL in Baltimore, then will stay in Ventnor. We'll see them soon, I hope--I think they get into Baltimore today, and Frank will call.
Had beef tips in gravy for dinner last night--what a talented cook I am. Actually, my skill extended to taking the container out of the freezer and putting it in the microwave. It was good, though.
No plans for today, so I'm more-or-less aimed at getting my desk cleared up and even maybe going into the drawers and throwing things out--yes! That's a good project. Will also--if I'm in the mood--tackle filing yet more paperwork and try to get the stuff out of sight.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Yesterday, after my morning walk with Susan, I spent the whole day cleaning out the closet in the study. Good lord, what a job! I threw away four big bags of stuff and rearranged everything else--it's great to slide open the door and see how neat it is. About 1:00, I took a break long enough to put country ribs in the crockpot with barbeque sauce and hey--if I say it myself, and I do, they were great! Pat said it, too, and it isn't often he's that complimentary about dinner.
Now it's Monday. Rose, the visiting nurse, just drove up, so I'll close until later.
Later: Pat about the same; his edema has improved somewhat; his lungs are shot, of course, but Rose didn't hear any wheezing, and his blood pressure is good. Just got back from Shop-Rite in Manahawkin--SO crowded, as ever, unless you go at 7 am, which I used to, but can't now. Got wild salmon for me--at $9.99 a pound, it was a lot more than the farm-raised, but I think it's better. Flounder was $11.99 a pound!!! Fer cryin' out loud, the ocean's practically right outside the door! Didn't buy it; will give Pat something else--he doesn't like salmon.
2:30: just got in and Pat's at the bay. Toyed with the idea of going to the pool--it would be wonderful in the heat--but I enjoy so much being by myself for a change in this home I love, decided against it. Will just veg out here...

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Alison did a great job of cutting Pat's hair. It actually looks better than what a barber could do. And yes, she used the same clippers she had on Lulu, but so what? She hasn't done Lulu for years, leaving that to a dog groomer.
While A. and P. were engaged in his prettification, I headed for Boscov's to shop. However, I no sooner got on the Parkway South than I got off at Smithville; the traffic was bumper-to-bumper and I didn't feel like getting into it. Instead, I turned north and went to Reynolds in Manahawkin. Got what I wanted and also stumbled on some great small storage boxes, nicely decorated, that I'll use to organize things when I clear out the study closet today.
Stopped at the Tuckerton Historical Society to find more info on the concrete blocks I mentioned yesterday. The radio antenna was erected in 1912, so the blocks have been there 94 years and, it seems, they can't be deconstructed. I was told there's as much material (concrete, I think) below the ground as there is above and even blasting wouldn't work. There are only three, all of which I took pictures of. An intriguing situation and worth seeing. Incredibly, the antenna that was supported by guy wires attached to the blocks, was 830 feet high--unbelievable! (Son Mike finally called yesterday and I told him about this. I know he's eagerly awaiting his chance to see the blocks when he's here next month.)
Got home with A. and P. right behind me. They had gone down to the Dock Street bay, which Pat enjoyed. Alison stayed for another hour or so and as ever, we loved having her. She said she'd be back next Saturday when I go to Spring Lake to meet Wellspouse friends for lunch.
Made chicken drumsticks for dinner last night. I breaded them, but baked them in the oven and they came out great. Pat said they were really good, which I was glad to hear.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Jack B. stopped in yesterday morning, a nice surprise. I left Pat and him talking and exited about 10:30 to go various places. Finally got my new glasses ordered; I'm getting new frames for the first time in 15 years. Also got a lot of other errands done. Stopped at the godforsaken Atlantic City Airport, as I assumed they have a currency exchange (after all, they bill themselves as "international"), but oh, no-o-o, they don't have any sucha thing. Well, the hell with them. Guess I'm stuck with pounds sterling for awhile.
I actually had lunch out--at the Hamilton Mall--letting Pat get his own, which he did all right. When I got home, he had gone to the bay. He also stopped at the tackle shop and used one of his gift certificates to get a new fishing box. When he got home, we went looking for the huge concrete blocks--they're as big as houses--that still exist in Tuckerton right in residential neighborhoods. They were used to hold the guy wires for a gigantic radio antenna, which is why one of the main streets around here is called "Radio Road." We found three of them, and I took pictures to send Ellen. One is plunk in the middle of a street, which goes around it. I'll stop at the Tuckerton museum today to ask when they were put in.
Had hot dogs and beans for dinner, an okay meal once in a while.
Alison will be here today to cut Pat's hair. I may run over to Boscov's to complete my chores while she's here.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Remarkably, Pat went again to the bay yesterday while I was getting my perm (it looks good, incidentally). He was fine; of course, he doesn't get out of the car, but at least he can see some of his cronies, if they're around, and enjoy the water.
I'm going to get a little tougher about being able to do some of my own things. I've managed to go out for lunch with people and to go to the supermarket in the afternoon, but I really dislike being tied to the house until then. If Pat goes back to bed after breakfast, as he likes to do, that's what usually happens. I'll wake him about 11, then help him with getting dressed, etc. By that time, it's almost time for lunch, so I usually stay in until 1 or so. Being a morning person, I don't like having to do that, so yesterday, I asked Pat not to go back to bed, as I have a lot of errands to run, to Hamilton Mall to pick out glasses, to the hospital to drop something off, to "Toys 'R' Us" for gifts, etc. He seemed okay with that.
Talked to sister Betty earlier and got the latest news on little Claire and her family. Looking forward to seeing Alison tomorrow. She called last night and she and Mike both came in first in the Wall Township Thursday run--yay!
It's only 10 am and the morning routine is finished--Atlantic County, here I come!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

For the first time in months, I was able to go to exercise today. Leslie asked if I wanted to go at 8 am and I thought, "Damn, I will go!" I woke Pat at 7:30, got his insulin, morning pills, and breakfast and left him reading the paper. I figured he'd go back to bed and he did. I was gone about an hour (had the cell phone) and he was still in bed when I returned. I'm very glad to have finally been able to go, although Susan and I will continue to walk at 7 or so.
Nice lunch with Marge yesterday at the new Bakery Cafe. When we walked in, Ray and Barb were there just finishing lunch. M. and I shared a lobster salad sandwich, and I had cappuchino--both very good.
Today, I'm getting a perm at 1:30. Hope it turns out as good as the last one. I want to get a shower first, then make Pat's lunch. Have a lot of other things I should do, but keep putting them off.
Had baked chicken last night, along with leftovers from the Fourth, and will probably have spaghetti and meatballs tonight.
The big, BIG new is that I cleaned out the pantry yesterday! It was such a mess I didn't know what I had. Found six boxes of rice--four white, two brown--enough cans of soup to start a soup kitchen, and a multitude of cans and jars of veggies, spaghetti sauce, as well as spices and seasonings that I've probably had for twenty years. I understand you're supposed to throw such things out after a year, but now I have a sentimental attachment. I have so many dups because when I wanted to follow a recipe, I couldn't find the ingredients I needed, so bought more. Now it's a pleasure to open the door and see everything neat and in order. I hope to tackle the study closet soon, as that's probably the worst of the worse when it comes to storage.
All in all, it's been a good several days...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

We had a quiet, but very enjoyable, Fourth of July. Helped Pat to shower and dress, puttered around, did various chores, went to the store, and so on early in the day. After lunch, Pat said he again wanted to drive to the bay. This time I didn't go with him, but he took the cell. Shortly after he left, Alison called to say she and Mike were about a half hour away, so I told them Dad went to Radio Road and they met him there. When they and Pat got back in 45 minutes or so, we sat around and chatted, then had an old-fashioned 4th of July dinner: hamburgers (chicken burgers for Alison), potato salad (but I bought it--shame on me!), devilled eggs, salad, baked beans, iced tea, and beer. In addition, Alison brought fresh corn on the cob (from her next-door neighbor, who has a produce stand on Route 539) and delicious double-blueberry pie she made herself. We ate and talked, talked and ate, and had a good time.
Pat really needs a haircut, Alison noticed, and she said she'd come down Saturday to cut his hair; Mike goes to his botany class that day. Alison sometimes trims Mike's hair and often does Lulu's in between visits to the dog groomer. Will she use the same clippers on her Dad as she does on Lulu?? We'll find out.
Have a lunch date with Marge today and we want to try the bakery cafe in the new shopping center behind Rite-Aid.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Just returned from my morning walk with Susan. Before 8 am, it's already hot and humid--my kind of weather!
We had a nice day yesterday. Pat decided he wanted to drive down to the bay and I went with him. He hasn't driven (this was in his car) for months, so this was a milestone. He went to the bay at the end of Green Street where he used to fish, then several miles down Great Bay Boulevard. We saw lots of people out fishing and crabbing, as well as herons, red-tailed blackbirds (or is is black-tailed redbirds?), and other wildlife. I was so pleased he was able to do this and hope he'll soon venture out again. Mind you, he isn't able to get out of the car--we didn't take the walker--but I know it gave him a lift to leave the house.
Just generally, I think television is boring except, maybe, for a few shows. Last night, though, I stumbled on "The Wizard of Oz," which I love, and watched most of it. What a great movie! The whole premise, childlike though it is, is entrancing and the songs, dialogue, and sets are all magical and dreamy. Aren't the monkey-warriors horrifying? I've heard others say this, too, and that they were scared to death of them as children. Why, in particular, would they be the most frightening thing in the movie? Maybe because they seem to be a strange hybrid of human and animal and, deep down, we know that's unnatural and dreadful? Dunno.
I wonder how many people besides me have ever read the L. Frank Baum book from which the movie is adapted. The general outline is the same, but it's very different from the movie and is disconcerting to read for that reason. "The Wizard of Oz" is actually part of a series of fantasy books by Baum, none of them very memorable. Baum is buried in one of the famous cemeteries in L.A. which we visited a few years ago; I took a picture of his monument.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Had a delightful dinner with Ray and Barbara last night. I made salad, baked potatoes, banana bread, and baked beans (alliteration!), and--the best part of the meal--we had the filet mignon Mike gave us for our anniversary. Ray cooked it on his grill, and very well, too. It was superb, we all agreed. We then sat talking until nine or so and greatly enjoyed ourselves. R. and B. are going on a three-week trip starting Thursday, and we'll miss them. I'll go to the clubhouse at ten to get tickets for Barb and me for the Bucks County (my old stomping grounds) trip in September.
No walk today, as it's raining, but Susan and I have taken our one and a half mile walk most days. Good thing, considering my eating.
Today, I'll try to get appointments for Pat with a hemotologist and an opthomologist; his eyes are red, for some reason. He's about the same, I guess--he did enjoy having R. and B. over last night. However, he has developed a cough, which is new and that's worrisome. (As what isn't with his health?) I also need to get my own prescription filled for new glasses--can hardly see a thing, especially up close.
Think I'll call his pulmonolgist for recommendations to the other doctors and ask about the cough.
We're expecting Alison and Mike over tomorrow and will probably have hamburgers. It will be a low-key Fourth of July, but hey--nobody around here is really able to celebrate independence...

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Just got back from Joely's fourth birthday party at his Uncle Jake's. Easy ride of about an hour. Party was mostly outside and he got a lot of nice presents. Other children there were his cousin (actually first cousin once removed) Gabriel, Mike B.'s grandchildren, Lindsay and Lucas, and assorted Phillips kids. As ever, it was good to be with Alison.
Pat did all right by himself. I had alerted neighbors that I'd be gone for a few hours, so they were aware he might call if he needed to. I left beef stew, which he heated in the microwave. I called him twice and there was no problem. Pat said Patrick called, plus niece Donna.
I invited Ray and Barbara for dinner tomorrow to have the filet mignon Mike gave us for our anniversary. The stipulation is that they cook them on the grill, as we don't have one. I'll just add a salad, some baked potatoes and a few other items and they'll come down here, as I don't think Pat is up to it.
Well, this blog seems no longer to be a weight one. Okay by me---I'll see if I can change the title.
Later: Darn! I keep trying and can't seem to change the title back to just "Mimi's Musings." I know it can be done because I did it when I put the Weight thing in. Will continue to try.
Still later: It worked, it worked! I finally got the blog name back to "Mimi's Musing" and will abandon the weight thing--well, for now, no promises for later.