Friday, November 25, 2022

Thankful For Thursday

What a wonderfully warm and enjoyable Thanksgiving! Lots of final food prep before lunch; after, a good three-mile walk around the complex. Then it was tidying up, moving furniture, and generally getting the house ready for company.

They came, in three segments, between about 2:30 and 3:00 and there was a good mix: Besides yours truly, the oldest (damn, I seem to be the oldest in any group!), there was an almost-eighty, two seventies, a sixties, three forties, three late teens, and an almost four. 

Of course, dinner was from yumsville. To top off the scrumptious turkey day traditionals, the company brought pecan and two kinds of pumpkin, regular and chiffon, plus "whipped cream." (But AAGH, it was that abomination, the aerosol kind!) Of course, there was banana bread, plus dinner roles, cranberry sauce, and so on and on, plus three of us enjoyed a good chardonnay.   

After, we older folks (grandson, the teenagers, and the little one had left early) played a fun game named "Taboo"; one person describes an object or person and the rest guess what it is. The twist is that you can't use certain words to describe. For instance, if the word is "bed," say, you can't use "sheet," "sleep," or "nighttime" to describe. Much fun.   

Son Mike face-Messaged (or whatever you call it) from Singapore and we chatted with him, Paula, and Violet before she left for school. (I was amazed to hear she takes not a school bus, but a train to get there.) Ellen also called; she and Greg had had a quiet Thanksgiving--just the two of them, but had had the usual.

Now the holiday is over, I need to concentrate on other things. I'm still puzzled as to why I  haven't heard from my tenant, Susan, after a phone message and an email. I'll try again and have tentative plan to go to Little Egg and Ventnor tomorrow.

Thursday, November 24, 2022

"Warm"* Wednesday

 Damn, I've been so busy I'm starting to lose track of the blog, but on Wednesday...

...lots of food prep, including the making of cranberry sauce, baked carrots, and roasting the turkey. All this is done the day before, then heated up anew the day of. This is a great idea, seems to me, so it isn't so frantic, as it would be if all had to be done on Turkey Day.

After lunch, it was off to Seaside Park to walk, first next to the bay, then on the boardwalk. It's a lovely place and oh, joy, it was downright balmy, with a high of 56. Walked about three miles, then home to prepare for dinner.

Had some phone visits at various times in the day from Suzanne, Vickie, Diane, Ellen, and Florida brother, Larry. He'll have THIRTY for dinner today--at his house, but entirely prepared by daughters, sons, grands, and great-grands. Hey, more power to him. He invited me for his annual Christmas gathering, December 9 to 11, but I doubt if I'll go. I'll consider visiting him sometime after the turn of the year. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all! 🦃

* That is, what passes for warm here! 😁

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Tuesday With Two Tots

Took a three-mile in the  morning, then spent much of the rest of the day in Rancocas with two little girls, one four, one three. It was fun--we played outside most of the day--but tiring. Left about 4:00, stopped a few places, helped with prep for Turkey Day, and did a lot of other stuff. Happily, I found--or re-found this site:

with historic pics: 

It included a Ventnor football team with my brother-in-law, Mike, on it.  His brother, my husband, Pat, was also on the team, but for some reason, wasn't in that particular picture.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Monday And More Of What's Good

Weighed myself and the scale here read 126.1.  Last week, I was 124.4 at home, which means I gained 1.7., but at T.O.P.S., I was 128.1, which means a loss of 2.  So which should I chose as correct? Hmm...I'll  let the reader guess 😄.

The start of food prep yesterday. Went to Stop 'n' Shop for Thanksgiving dinner ingredients--well, I got shower gel and tangerines, somebody else got the major foodstuffs. Stowed them, had lunch, then went to Harry Wright Park in New Egypt and took a three-mile walk. It was a three-layer day, that's a cinch, but still sunny and the wind has died down. Drove to Bayville after and stopped to browse at a store, then home. 

After dinner, it was a cutthroat game of Bogle, instead of gin rummy, and that was great fun.  

Monday, November 21, 2022


Spent most of the day in Bordentown. Back south, stopped at Stop 'n' Shop for salmon, beets, and other goodies. Good dinner, then gin rummy, then I was taught the first steps of who to play Backgammon. Seems like fun, but I have a lot more to learn.

During the day, Ellen called to say hello, Olivia ditto, and Bobbi to tell me she had had a problem with her pacemaker and had developed A-fib. She was in the hospital overnight and that, combined with the radiation she has to get overnight, is tough. Hope she'll be okay before too long.

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Saturday Still Lots Of Activity

Went to a craft fair in the morning and bought a few trinkets.  Changed, had lunch, and about noon, left for the party in Mendham, way up in north Jersey. It took two hours to get there, but was fun. It was in a barn owned by the birthday boy's wife's family. Great food and interesting people. Got home about 7:00, then watched Frankie and Grace (or Grace and Frankie), with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen, and others. I didn't find it as amusing as others might; not sure why. 

Saturday, November 19, 2022

A Fun Friday

Did the three-mile walk again after breakfast; cold, cold, cold, but with three layers on, it was okay. After a quick lunch, it was off to Ewing. I knocked at the door of 1155 Lower Ferry, where we lived for forty-one years, and which continues to be a group home. The nice supervisor lady, Yolanda, showed me around, but I didn't stay long. It's been almost 20 since we moved to Little Egg, and as good ol' Thomas Wolfe assured us, You Can't Go Home Again. (Besides, that's no longer home, anyway.)

From there, it was Lawrenceville, where I tried to track down the plaque with my name on it on the chair in the theatre. Talked to some nice people there and went into the theatre, but unfortunately, it had been renovated several years ago, and the chairs replaced. Most likely, they were discarded, so that's that. My only regret is that the picture I have of "my" chair is very blurry.

Did I contact and look for any of my old colleagues? No. For one thing, the only one I know of still there is Terri M., my former secretary. I spoke to her a month or so ago and had more or less intended to get in touch again, so why didn't I? I just didn't want to and with 20 years gone by, there really isn't much desire to do so. 

Anyway, it was a good, full day, with gin rummy at the end and a good, deep sleep after, so I'm feeling tip top.

Friday, November 18, 2022

Avenue Q on Thursday

Here in south Jersey and loving it. Took the Ativan and was okay on plane. Picked up, got in, ad good things to eat and good conversation, then to bed and slept like a stone.

Yesterday, Thursday, went to Deal, NJ, to see Avenue Q, a Broadway hit. It was different to say the least, but I greatly enjoyed it. Dinner first in Bradley Beach, one of the lovely little towns, with which my native state abounds, then off to what could be described as puppet porn, maybe (well, you'd have to see it).


Home very late and didn't get to get to bed until midnight, but a full, fun day, and yay, yay, YAY!

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Tuesday And An Angel

Heard from Little Egg Township about my mercantile license (which you have to have when you have your house rented, along with $50) having my late husband's name on it, in addition to mine. I called to say Pat had died 13 years ago and the very nice person said it wasn't a big deal, but she'd change it and she sent me a new one with just my name.

Got a message from management to the effect that fire extinguishers would be installed in all apartments in the coming week under the kitchen sink. No prob, I had just cleaned under there and I shifted the items to under a chair in the dining area. I sent the office an email saying I'd be away and giving the guys--or gals or gays or goofs or--okay, I'll stop--permission to come in.

Most of the rest of the day was all packing and preparing. I hope I have everything--I think I do, but it's remarkable how much I take, probably half of which I won't use. Can't seem to help myself.

A nice interlude: Vickie texted me about 4:00 to see if she could come over for a minute, as she had something for me. Sure, I was glad for the respite. She came and gave me a darling little pin--an "airplane angel" that, it says on the card, "may help all your flights be on time and free from turbulence."  (But it doesn't say anything about going down in flames. 😨) What a charming idea! Vickie stayed for a half hour or so and we had a good talk. I pinned the angel to my coat, but unfortunately, the tack thing that held it fell off and now I can't find it. Instead, I'll just keep it in my pocket. 

Ellen called to wish me a good trip. She has parent/teacher conferences this week and is pretty busy, but doing okay. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Monday with Julie, Jersey, and Jim

Went over to Von's in the morning for grapefruit, then spent some with packing--well, starting to pack, anyway. Also started the process of getting the apartment in reasonable shape. I hate coming back from a trip to a messy place or old food in the fridge  

Julie picked me up at 12:45 (much as I like Diane, her preference for an 11:30--or earlier--lunch is a bit of a drag) and off we went to Transmission Brewery. It's kind of a partner with Topper's Pizza, as they flank a  combined dining area. The idea is to order your pizza (or sandwich or salad bar) at Topper's, which will be brought to you, then pick up your beer at Transmission. The pizza was so good--not the usual kind, but a single serve, round, but with an unusual crust and whatever you want on top.  The beer? Sublime. Unfortunately, we were unable to sit on the high veranda or whatever it's called, which Lora had mentioned, because they were doing some sort of work on it. The street level had an interesting setup, too, though, and I'll get to the other another day.  

Julie was as reticent as usual, but I'm used to that. I asked if she's stop at the library, so I could drop two books back and the post office (overseas stamps for my Thanksgiving cards) and, as ever, she was nice enough to do that. 

Home, I moved my darling dancers to the hall; not sure if I'll keep them there, but they were a little too in-your-face on the coffee table. Hey, they're dancing on the A.C. boardwalk!

I watched the rest--I think--of The Watcher, then turned to a documentary adapted from The Good Nurse. I had read the book a few years ago and it's harrowing. It's a true story of a male nurse in and around Somerset, N.J. who killed a number of his patients. Geez, what with him and John List in Westfield, Jersey seems to abound in murderers. Maybe I should cancel my trip? 😨

And I'm off--TOMORROW!

Additional Note: Wonders will never cease. I got an voice mail from Jim, wishing me bon voyage and saying he'll miss me. That was so heartening. I called him back to thank him and we had a good talk. 

Thankful For Thursday

What a wonderfully warm and enjoyable Thanksgiving! Lots of final food prep before lunch; after, a good three-mile walk around the complex. ...