Friday, September 25, 2020


Figuring I wouldn't get into town yesterday, I walked to the Market and back, putting in three miles and I'm okay with that. Bought two pounds of carrots, so after scrubbing and trimming them, I put them in the oven with olive oil and seasonings. Had some for dinner, with the last of my beans and mushrooms. Jessica Nails is right next door and I noticed they were open. Immediately went in and made an appointment for a pedicure for 10 this morning. I called the Access Van to take me there and back. Why? Because I'll wear sandals, so as not to smear the new polish, and I can't walk that far in them. 

Brother, Larry, from Miami called and we talked for an incredible hour and a half. He told me Helen had fallen and broken (actually cracked) her pelvis. It seems nothing can be done for that except bed rest and, in recent years, Helen has spent a lot of time in bed, anyway. They had had a king-sized, but Larry got her a hospital bed and himself a single. (He got a kick out of it when I said the must put a crimp in his love life--he's 88, Helen 85.)

Larry wants me to go to his granddaughter's wedding in Jacksonville in November and I'm leaning that way. He said he won't go unless I do--I assume he isn't serious. I really plan to go, if at all possible.

Dr. Jennings office person called to say my ultra-sound revealed no problems. I still haven't heard back from the dermatologist's office about the biopsy. I called once again and was on hold so long, I hung up. It's now been two weeks and two days since I was there.   

I did this and that on the laptop, then showered and washed my hair, preparing for hairdresser, Cindy. She got here a few minutes late, but it really wasn't her fault. I tell most visitors to park at the front entrance, then call me and I'll come out and bring them to my apartment. However, she knocked on my door--I'm surprised she found it on her own--and said she had called several times, but thinks she had a wrong number for me. She looked it up and certainly did--it didn't even have the same area code. Anyway, she trimmed my hair and it looks okay. I kind of liked it better the way before, but it'll grow again.

I called the Access Van and they'll pick me up and take me home from Jessica Nails.

Went over to Von's for grapes after Cindy left and on the way back, I noticed how many big limes were on the tree at one of the grassy areas. I know residents are allowed to take them (the tree was transplanted from the patio of somebody who moved away) and I went back and got my "grabber." Harvested about ten and will take some to the T.O.P.S. gathering this morning and some to Carolyn's on Saturday.

Betty called and said she had gone to a doctor who asked her to draw pictures, then said she had Alzheimer's. I was taken aback that she was told that, but it didn't seem to particularly alarm her. I made some comment about "lots of people have memory problems." 

I again had trouble sleeping last night. My ankle itched a lot and I'm thinking of calling Dr. J. to see if I should continue talking the antibiotic, although the prescribed week is over tomorrow.


Thursday, September 24, 2020

Ultra-Sound, Protestants, And Our Community

I left at 9:00 for my 11:00 o'clock ultra sound appointment. If I had been driving, it would have taken--oh, about twenty minutes, but when you're walking/busing, it is, of course, a lot longer of a trip. Walked to Telephone Road and took the 11 to Walnut, then walked the rest of the way to Rolling Oaks Radiology. 

I was early, but didn't wait long to be taken in. I had never had ultra-sound--except maybe when I was pregnant, or did they have them fifty and more years ago?--and vaguely thought it was like an x-ray: You stand in front of a screen and they click a picture or something.

No. It entailed me disrobing on the top left, the tech smearing on a gel, then hearing a somewhat unsettling swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, presumably my blood rushing through my veins.  It didn't hurt, though, and took only twenty minutes or so. As I had been asked to do, I called Dr. Jennings' office to report that I had had the ultra-sound, although they'll certainly send the results there.

Gail was waiting outside in her car. When she got in, she suggested we go to the harbor, instead of The Promenade in town. Actually, that suited me better, as I can get to the former on my own. 

We went and enjoyed a mile or so walk up to the museum. It's closed, of course, but has a nice outdoor kind of circular sitting area, where we had our lunch. I had brought a sandwich and, because I didn't want to take a heavy can of beer, a nice little bottle of cabernet. I'm getting to like red wine, as well as white, and it seemed to go better with my sandwich.

We enjoyed our talk which, as adults often do, delved into topics we probably wouldn't have discussed in our younger years. I was interested to hear Gail's father was Unitarian, but her mother sent her to Presbyterian Sunday School. (I'm always bemused by Protestants and their wishy-washy white bread beliefs. Gail isn't religious now, incidentally.) Anyway, it was good talk.

We ran into Carolyn S. and her husband, Robert, whom I used to see in Kimball when we walked there every day. They both had masks on; this is out in the open air, very few strollers, and they're married and live together. Go figure. After a very enjoyable outing, Gail took me home, then I changed (it was much warmer than it had been) and thought I'd bus to Oxnard, as it was only 2:30. 

As I was walking toward the gate, I saw a neighbor to whom Suzanne had introduced me a while ago. I liked her persona: friendly enough, but brisk and clearly intelligent and I wanted to get to know her better. Yesterday, she was outside and we exchanged names and chatted for a few. Her name is Vickie and her apartment mate's is Mary. (They may or may not be a couple.) I had understood Mary has health problems and when I asked Vickie, she replied with the "good days, bad days" answer. I hope to get to know her better.

I got the 6 bus, but as I stepped up to the higher seats, I slipped and scraped my right shin. Damn, I'll getting more scrapes and cuts than I ever did before! The driver was very concerned and asked if I wanted medical assistance. When I said no, asked me to fill out a little card explaining what happened. I did, and we rode on, but I got off at Telephone and decided just to ride to the transit center, where I got the 10 home.

I stopped at the office to get the two extra keys I had requested for Ellen and Suzanne and gave one to Suzanne. (She left at 5:00 am today for her niece's wedding in Idaho.) When I opened my sliding door to the patio, it stuck halfway and I saw a screw was popped partly  up. Called the office and Scott came to fix it. While he was here, we had a nice conversation. He's a sweet-natured young man, 22, and was born in Guam, which I think is so interesting. I believe my son, Mike, and his family, have been there. Scott had just been at his brother's wedding in Washington State and the day after the affair, fire swept the outdoor venue.

Coming back from getting the mail (sparse and uninteresting, as usual), I saw Andy, my upstairs neighbor, coming back from taking Abby for a walk. Is Abby his wife, girlfriend, daughter, S.O.? Nope, she's his cute little doggie--even I like her, which is saying something--and we stood talking for some time. Andy is young, probably in his twenties, and I'm not sure what he does for a living, but he's a nice guy and I like talking to him. Along with Leah, the other upstairs neighbor, also in her twenties and Black, we have nice little diverse community.


Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Pinto Beans And The Promenade

 I put a good amount of pinto beans in the slow cooker and added water and the "veggie juice" I save from cooking vegetables. I then left for Johnson Family Dental. This is something I've been dealing with--I may need extensive dental work--but I don't want to go into detail.

I stopped at Von's on the way home for romaine and the big container of large white mushrooms I like. After lunch, I sliced them in half, popped them in the oven with olive oil and garlic, then chopped up two big onions. Later, I added them to my pinto beans.

My friend, Gail, called to see if I could walk The Promenade today. I told her I had to get the ultrasound at 11:00 and happily, she offered to pick me up there. We decided we'd bring our lunches, too, and eat overlooking the Pacific. 

Bused to town to pick up the library book I had requested. It's The Coddling Of The American Mind and was recommended by my nephew, Patrick, the otolaryngologist now at the Cleveland Clinic. I started reading it on the way home and it looks pretty good. It seems to concentrate on academia, which naturally interests me.

When I got home, my beans were just about finished. I stir-fried the onions, added them and the roasted mushrooms, and a little seasoning. I had a lot of beans, so I froze another two or so portions and guess I'll be eating them for some time to come. I also had the rest of my fresh broccli and half of an acorn squash. Good dinner, actually. 

That rose from Suzanne is now full-blown and so beautiful:

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

The Flu, Paula, And A Gathering In The Park

Did a white wash with sheets and so on. Re-made the bed and otherwise straightened up a little. Walked over to Von's and got a flu shot. (The idea of getting a flu shot in a supermarket seems weird as hell, but it's a lot more convenient for me than going to the doctor's.) 

The other day, Jim and I discussed Ativan and I mentioned that I've taken it when I fly. He said he's sometimes anxious and asked about it, so I sent him info. He wrote back to thank me and wished me bon voyage. I responded with thanks and mentioned how much I value his friendship. And I do.  

Another annoying Blogger problem: That email address they so prominently display is not the one I use. Actually, I don't want my email there, anyway. I went into where you can change the address and check if you want it displayed, and it didn't follow my instructions. Why????

Today is my daughter-in-law's birthday. Paula and son, Mike, met as students at UCSB more than twenty years ago, and they've been together ever since. She's 52 and is as beautiful now as she was then. 

I moved here (to this apartment complex) in September of 2016, so it's been four years. Even if the rent goes up--which I'm sure it will--I think I'll stay. I feel happy here and it seems right for me. (That doesn't, of course, mean I'll never move, because if something better comes along, I'm outta here.) 

The Access van picked me up at 4:16 and took me to Thille Park. Of course, I was very early, but Vera came shortly after, then others, and oh, how good it was to be with this group again! Anne Lezada, who's younger than my children (middle forties, I think) is a special friend. She's an R.N. at Ventura Community Hospital in the maternity ward and hey, what a sharp gal she is. We seem to have a special rapport and we embraced as soon as we saw each other.  Yes, yes, I know, the virus, but damn, we haven't seen each other for months and it just happened. Gail Butcher was there, too. It's so unfortunate; she has some kind of liver problem and was in the hospital for a long time. She has lost fifty pounds, which I guess is good--she was quite a bit overweight before--but I fear she's not really well.

Altogether, there were seven of us there, with one newcomer, Jan. Her husband, who had had Alzheimer's, died only nine days ago. It's unusual for somebody that newly widowed to attend, but we all welcomed her, of course. There was one man, Royce, whom I've met before, which is a common ratio, male to female.  For one thing, women tend to live longer and for another--I think this is pretty much true--men seem to find it more difficult to reach out. Vera took this picture of me before the other attendees got there. She sent it to the others so they'd recognize the park:
It's a nice place--I've been there many times before--and if I had known I didn't have to take my chair, I would have walked. I've done it many times before, as it's only a mile and a half. Anyway, I greatly enjoyed the gathering. 

Monday, September 21, 2020

Good Sunday

A good Sunday, as it turned out.  I called Nancy early and we had a good talk. I was pretty sure she wouldn't attend Soaring Spirits this evening, and she concurred. She still has major problems with her knee, plus of course, the chronic anemia and, I'm afraid, other problems. 

Called the Access Van and made arrangements to be taken to Thille Park at 5:00 for our gathering today, then taken home at 7:00. I would ordinarily walk or at least, take the bus down Victoria, but since I'll be carrying a folding chair, I decided on this. It's still free, but I always give a two buck tip, anyway.

I walked to the Market and back, so got three miles in, I'm happy to note. I decided not to take a nap, because I was afraid it would hinder my sleep last night.* 

Suzanne met me outside and we discussed the pool situation (being closed on weekends, that is). She seems to accept it as natural, because somebody broke the "rules", to punish everybody, but I don't believe in collective guilt. However, she's the one who uses it and I almost never do, so the heck with it for now. I was pleased when she asked if I wanted to meet out front at 5:00 and chat. Yes, indeed; my policy is, "never turn down an invitation."

Called Ellen and we chatted for just a few minutes. Can't wait to see my girls together in just a few days.

I walked over to Von's after lunch to replenish my beer supply (I usually only buy it for specific occasions) and was delighted to see they had Sapporo, which is from Vietnam; actually, I drank it for the first time in Vietnam, a place I'd love to visit again. Jasmine Thai and the Japanese restaurant here also carry it. I bought two: one for last evening out front and one for tonight at Thille Park.

When Suzanne and I came out of our respective apartments, she brought me a beautiful rose from her garden:

We then sat and talked for almost an hour, covering her niece's upcoming wedding in Idaho, for which Suzanne will leave on Thursday and return on the twenty-ninth, the same day I leave. We discussed various other topics, but always and forever, the conversation got around to COVID, its dangers, its effects, how everybody must fall down screaming at the very thought of it, the horrible future, the shit being shoveled out to the populace--oh, wait, strike that last. I forgot, we're all supposed to take for granted the only response to this situation is to indoctrinate little children that people should be assumed to be dangerous enemies until proven otherwise. Why, yes, I have a problem with that. 

Now I must consult my list of "to do" before I go, and work on at least some of them.  

* I slept like a stone and didn't get up at all until 6:05--yay!

NOTE: This new Blogger format is just so annoying. Initially, it forced double spaces between paragraphs, but adding to it here, it didn't. Why? Why is the grass green?

Sunday, September 20, 2020


 Betty called as I was walking over to Von's; we had both enjoyed her visit on Friday. When I got home, old friend Mary Hoffman called and said she had texted Betty pictures of her former house on Washington Avenue, which the new owners have painted. Betty called her, but Mary wasn't sure Betty could see--or get--texts. I asked her to text them to me, which she did. I called Betty later--she couldn't seem to see the pics, so I told her I'd show her when I see her next...

...that will be next Saturday at Carolyn's. We're going to gather to see the visitors, who will arrive near hear on Friday. A few days after that, they will whisk me away to points unknown. (I mean I've never been to those points, but am anxiously awaiting.)

Got a text from Tony C., the landscaper, who gave me a price of $125 to shape up the bushes up front; I told him to go ahead.

I met Jim out front at 1:00 and we sat in our usual spot for lunch. As ever, we talked and talked about everything under the sun. We didn't say goodbye until 5:00, a marathon meeting, even for us. 

Son Mike called for a brief virtual (video) visit. I saw the girls just for a flach, Vivian putting on makeup and Violet working with her math teacher. Mike and Paula were about to go out for their regular massage, which they do regularly.

Got up this morning and was aghast to find no Ventura Star on my front walk. I may the only person left who gets it daily, and I was just thinking the other day how the carrier has been so faithful for so long. Goes to show--something or other. 

Unfortunately, I had a big problem with insomnia last night. I'm blaming it on the fact that, because Jim and I sat so long talking, I wasn't able to get adequate walking in. 


Saturday, September 19, 2020

What's The Matter With Google??

 Okay, NOW it's 6:47 am on Saturday, September 19. The following TWO posts pertain to yesterday, but I'm not even sure how I got there with Google's unbelievably difficult new crapola! What in the world is the MATTER with them? 👎😡